About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Chris Cunningham (if the website address wasn’t enough for you!) and I’m a fan of film and technology. Whenever someone says they’re a fan of film, you start to get bombarded with questions like who is your favourite director (hard one to answer but for styles probably a mix of Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, with a smattering of Robert Zemeckis) or favourite film (again, Star Wars, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters…) yet those sort of lists tend to get very long winded. Technology is a shorter list as you tend to be loyal to a few manufacturers but as the technology evolves, so does your answer. So at time of writing I quite like AMD for them making cheap and affordable CPUs as it means I can study and practice production techniques without breaking the bank. Yet come a year down the line that could change.

Through the years I have worked in a number of different roles; Customer Service – the right of passage for many a first job, to working in live events, community management and live streaming. Yet my aim has always been to do tech and film work, so the start of this was starting to write for the website Logical Increments to express some thoughts on technology as it comes out. This is coupled with starting to study Video Production and Streaming (BSc) to take all that I’ve learnt in previous roles and apply it directly into production, with the main aim to go and work for a post-production studio at the end of all of this.

A lot of this site is linked into what I’m doing now. The podcast is my way to get my thoughts out on film. It is not to critique film outside of a simple, “Did I enjoy watching this film?” It is very much to look at the work others are putting out there and highlighting that to others who will listen. My university section is very much about posting my larger works (text or video based) to show how things evolve over the three years and yes, to any future student coming here, I do allow robots to search this site so if you copy my work it will come up on electronic checks that your university does on your submissions! Finally, I will occasionally post about some of my Logical Increments articles, as a way to give perspective or just straight up explain why I approached a subject that way!

So enjoy, have a browse and feel free to follow me @CJC_Film