Such humble beginnings. I’m going to do a quick look back at my very first article for Logical Increments, where I went full PCMR on the PS4 Pro!

Build Thoughts

If you haven’t seen the original article, it’s here.



It’s surprising how much of this I’d change 12 months down the line. This would have to be something from AMD for the price now. Probably the R3 1300X for the bigger build or just wait until the new APU models are released soon. Any excuse for more cores/threads really!


The more painful aspect is the GPU pricing. You really get a concept of how much money is being sunk into cryptomining when I’d be hard pressed to even find a RX 570/580 GPU in today’s market, let alone buy one for less than $400. Simpler times a year ago.


All told, it goes to show how much pricing at the time can really age the articles. These builds weren’t exactly designed to match the price exactly but more the performance. If I tried to create this today in today’s market, it’d be awful just on the insane GPU price alone. I do wish the GPU (and RAM) market becomes more stable though, as I’d really like to revisit this article sometime soon!

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