BFG Podcast #1 – Marvel vs DC, Star Wars drama & Oscar Predictions!

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Welcome to the very first British Film Guy Podcast!¬†This month on the British Film Guy Podcast I’m talking about some of the latest news stories in film, what I have been watching over the month of February and my predictions for Oscar winners!

What a month it has been. Here I was thinking that things might be quieter after the very vocal backlash by fans over Star Wars: The Last Jedi but no! That in itself is still rumbling on but thankfully we have a lot of really awesome films that have come out to make things better! So enjoy the show and remember to get involved by either tweeting me @CJC_Film and/or supporting me over at Patreon at Thanks!


REMINDER: The polls for this podcast are open to the public to give you an idea for how they work! You can see them posted on the patreon page now under the BFG #1 Polls tag!



01:00 – About me and my degree

02:00 – News: DCEU woes

03:54 – News: Batgirl Issues

04:30 – News: Nightwing Director speaks out

04:58 – News: The Flash movie troubles

06:30 – News: Black Panther smashing it out the park for Marvel

07:48 – News: Infinity War Merch shots are being released

08:15 – News: Beta Ray Bill; do you care?

09:48 – News: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

10:45 – News: The Last Jedi fallout continues to rumble on

16:10 – News: do you think Lucasfilm will do a good job of episode IX at this point?

16:20 – Films I’ve seen in February: Black Panther

16:45 –¬†Films I’ve seen in February: The Shape of Water

17:50 – Films I still want to see: I, Tonya

18:45 – Thoughts and Commentary Introduction: Awards Season Special!

19:35 – Prediction: Best Actor

20:20 – Prediction: Best Actress

20:48 – Prediction: Best Film

22:25 – Prediction: Best Supporting Actress

23:25 – Prediction: Best Supporting Actor

23:47 – Prediction: Best Director

24:35 – Prediction: Animated Feature

25:54 – Prediction: Adapted Screenplay

26:06 – Prediction: Original Screenplay

26:29 – Prediction: Cinematography

27:05 – Prediction: Best Documentary

27:28 – Prediction: Film Editing

27:38 – Prediction: Sound Editing and Sound Mixing

28:05 – Prediction: Production Design

28:30 – Prediction: Original Score

29:22 – Prediction: Makeup

29:49 – Prediction: Costume Design

30:38 – Prediction: Visual Effects

31:30 – Do you agree with my Oscar predictions?

32:10 – Wrapping up!

Total Length – 33:34



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